Teaching Philosophy
The direction of my life was uncertain and vague at a younger age. Originally, I was classically trained as a chef in high school. I pursued the kitchen with full force, swearing off college entirely, until I realized that my life was not how I envisioned it. After some soul searching, I enrolled in Pitt Community College and plunged into a variety of courses to obtain my Associates of Arts. One of the courses was a digital photography course as an elective. Upon taking this course I felt as though I had an awakening and a clear path in my journey. I now walk surely upon this path towards the goal of being an Art educator.

Charity Valentine instructed the class responsible for the shift in my direction. She took me under her wing and I became employed as the Digital Photography Teacher’s Assistant. I discovered I had a passion for education while performing my responsibilities of writing curriculums, giving lessons and critiquing projects. Even now, with my TA experience at UNCC, I enjoy looking upon the eager faces of the students, and marveling at that moment of enlightenment when the concepts click. This provides me with the entire fulfillment I need. Education is rich in intangible rewards.

I thoroughly believe that education remains one of the most important things for the betterment of any person. I am nearing the end of my undergraduate education period, and it has become clear to me that I truly want to pursue a career in education. Whether I am mentoring high school students or working as a Teacher’s Assistant, my path in life reveals itself to me with each and every new step. If I can teach just one person to become excited to learn more about a subject they did not understand and go out and spread the joy, then I feel I can make a difference in this world.

My intention is to take my passion for teaching and reach out to anyone willing to learn. Through my work with Photography clubs, tutoring, mentoring and travel abroad working on my own projects, lifelong learning is something I strive for and hope to keep fresh and new for myself as well as inspire others to learn. Thru this I hope to make a change in my corner of the world, even if it is only through a single student. As a proverb once said, “the longest journey starts with a single step.” Enabling an inquisitive mind to start looking at life thru a viewfinder in a variety of different ways will help refresh my soul as well as theirs!